About Feeds2MySQL

Feeds2MySQL is a unique solution for webmasters interested in extracting, storing and displaying RSS and XML feeds from external websites.

What is Feeds2MySQL?

Feeds2MySQL is a PHP MySQL script solution that will extract RSS and XML feeds from external websites and store results locally in a MySQL database.

This will provide webmasters with full control over managing and displaying RSS and XML feeds on their websites. This solutions also enables webmasters to create total custom websites from these feeds.

How the Script Works


Feeds2MySQL is a user-friendly and easy-to-use solution for virtually all webmasters. Once the script has been set up, the webmaster will be in a position to start using its functionalities.

Webmasters simply add new RSS feeds by entering the URL of the feed. This solution allows for unlimited URLs to be added!

The script will automatically extract RSS feeds and add the data to a local MySQL database.

Webmasters are also in a position to set up a cron job, which will automate the function even further by updating RSS feeds at specified time intervals.

From here, webmasters have full control over how data is displayed locally on their databases.




In future, we are planning to release a number of add-ons, that will assist webmasters, not familiar with PHP and MySQL in displaying results on their websites.

Add-ons will mainly consist of customized PHP scripts and full website templates making use of Feeds2MySQL technology.

Add-ons will be made available on our website to users and may range from free to paid solutions.

Please feel free to visit our website at a later stage in order to view available Add-ons for Feeds2MySQL.



Feeds2MySQL can be purchased at a low price of $15 per single user license.

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