• 2 Save RSS Feeds to MySQL Databases Easy!
    Feeds2MySQL is the latest technology in extracting RSS & XML feeds from external websites and automatically saving data in local MySQL databases.
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  • 3 Increase Your Internet Traffic
    Storing and displaying RSS & XML feeds from your own databases have the potential in increasing website traffic dramatically!
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  • 4 Unlock the Secret to Effective Feed Usage
    Users have full control over how data is managed and displayed on their websites, by making use of data from their own databases.
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Feeds to Mysql

Convert Feeds to Mysql

Feeds2MySQL allow users to extract and save RSS and XML feeds from any website to your MySQL database. This is a great way to build content pages on your website!

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Feeds2MySQL runs automatically

By simply adding a cron-job to your website, Feeds2MySQL runs automatically in fetching feeds and saving them to your MySQL databases.

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Unlimited Feeds

Unlimited feeds supported

With Feeds2MySQL you can add unlimited RSS or XML feeds by one click of a button. You also have full control over how your feeds are displayed on your website.

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What Our Clients Say...

Feeds2MySQL is a fantastic product! My website traffic multiplied by 100% since using this fantastic script! I chose the content, which is always relative to my website!

Abraham, Founder, Walah!

Unlimited Website Potential!


With Feeds2MySQL the potential is unlimited when building your website! Whether you want to display news, other content results, or simply start your own Google News clone, this is the script for you!

You have full control over how results are displayed and managed on your website!

Feeds2MySQL will revolutionize the way in which webmasters use RSS feeds in future!

Below is a sample script of how data can be displayed on your website using Feeds2Mysql. (Be on the lookout on all pages of our website for sample site integrations.)

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